Scotland working towards success in 2014

Scotland Food & Drink, a leading industry organisation, have appointed a new project manager to help Scottish food and drink businesses make the most of the opportunities presented in 2014 by the Commonwealth Games, the Ryder Cup and the homecoming.

The role, which is being funded by the Scottish Government, will be supporting the implementation of the food and drink masterplan for 2014 that have been jointly developed by the industry, the government and its various agencies. The person given this vital role is Fiona Richmond, who was appointed after enjoying 2 successful years working on the UK development programme for Scotland Food & Drink.

Her strong pedigree of working with both major food service companies and food and drink producers provides a solid platform on which to shape the way that food and drink is offered at the major events taking place in Scotland in 2014. There is a joint ambition between the industry and the government to showcase the food and drinks available in Scotland when the world’s eyes are focused on the country in a years time.

As the project manager for 2014, Fiona is the key link between the businesses who provide food and drinks and the outstanding opportunities open to them during the Ryder Cup, the Homecoming and the Commonwealth Games, when literally millions of meals will be eaten. Their legacy is to ensure that top class, locally produced food will be showcased at the catering operations at all levels within the country.

There was a highly successful showcase for Scottish produce at the Athletes’ Village at London 2012, and it highlighted what potential exists for holding major events to celebrate the great local food available.