Rawfest Yorkshire

Rawfest will be held in Yorkshire in July where thousands will celebrate by saying no to chemicals in the first natural, raw, organic event. The natural band wagon is beginning to become very popular since people are realizing that the huge amounts of chemicals in food and beauty products have significant side effects that can create problems with their health both now and in the future.

This could eventually lead to certain ingredients being banned. At least for the moment the products are ok and are used extensively in many personal products. Rawfest is for those taking a stand against chemicals. Those that are saying they no longer want to use something until they are told it is not safe.

Rawfest will have a large number of organic, natural and raw things available for all those that visit to buy or just sample away. Their goal in the event is to educate the pubic about all the different chemicals that are used daily and show them all the natural products that are available to them with none of the chemicals that are in the others.

This is the first and it probably will not be the last Rawfest because of all the interest that is already growing from the potential people and businesses that will be stall holders. Entrance is free and there are chances for all those that come to win a huge hamper fill with nature organic and raw things. Rawfest starts July 3 at Victoria Hall in Saltaire.