Preparations in place for the Nantwich Food and Drink festival

Nantwich Food and Drink Festival is shortly going to take place, preparations are currently in full swing for the event. The food festival is going to take place over a weekend and this is not the first time it has taken place, and many people are expecting it to be the tastiest so far. The event takes place in the town centre, and there is no charge for people who want to attend.

Last year the event attracted 30,000 people, and it is expected that this years event is going to attract even more. Various stalls are going to be located throughout the town centre, and a giant food theatre is going to be one of the most notable attractions. This food theatre is going to see a wide range of different chefs come to show off some of their cooking skills, and it is sure to be an attraction that is going to appeal to foodies.

This is not an event that ignores the fact that children will probably be attending, and there is a special activity centre that is designed for children, which can be found behind the White Horse pub. A huge number of events are also going to take place at businesses across the town, with many hosting special tasting sessions. There are also going to be classes dedicated to the decorating of cupcakes, as well as making sausages.

Regional food is going to have a significant focus, and many gourmet foods are going to be available. Wine and beer tasting is also going to be an important part of the event, and it is estimated that overall there are going to be around 2000 different products to taste. Cheese, of course is going to be a major element of this festival, given its location in a famous cheese producing area of the UK.