Northumbria food and wine festival offers 2 days of great local produce

During the food and Wine Festival that takes place in Northumbria, two days of incredible food sampling happen and many wine experts from all over the country come to taste new wines. The festival also encourages people to learn about tasting wine if they have not done it before and are particularly aimed at making the whole experience very entertaining.

Many people have been speculating this year that the festival would not be so successful because the weather has been so dismal, however, it seems that with the turn in the weather it might just be a popular event. Either way, whether it rains or shines, the festival is sure to be one of the highlights of the summer festival season.

Many of the best chefs from the region are going to be in attendance at the event as well as many notable importers of wine, as well as their merchants in the UK. There are going to be other attractions at the festival as well, including live music as well as a free bottle of beer for all of those who attend.

It is easy to reach the festival from Corbridge railway station as it is located in the Tynedale Park. The event starts on August 10 and runs from 2 PM to 11 PM, it also happens on 11 August from midday until 11 PM.

Many cooking demonstrations are also going to be shown and the visitors at the event will be able to try some of the fantastic food that has been created. One of the most notable chefs to attend the event is going to be Greg Bureau, who owns the Bouchon Bistrot. This restaurant has become very successful over the last five years and many people are looking forward to seeing him prepare food at the event.