Norfolk's 'Buy Local' challenge

In the tough economic climate we are currently dealing with, there has never been a more important time to highlight the local producers, services and shops that have long provided the backbone of our local economies. It has never been more important to use or lose these regional gems, as they are rapidly disappearing nationwide thanks to rising costs, a market that has been flooded by cheap imports and falling profits.

It is for this reason that the Buy Local challenge has been set up by Buy Local Norfolk, in a bid to promote local businesses and, hopefully, rally support for them. This challenge is being held over a period of 5 weeks, from 16th July-23rd August, so there is still plenty of time to take part. The challenge is for local people, as well as MP’s and celebrities, to only use local goods, shops and services for one week.

This means turning your back on supermarkets, national chains and big name brands, these are completely banned for one week to prove that we can live without them. Those taking part are urged to keep a diary of their experience to use as a reference guide in the future. The question everyone should be asking is “Can I buy this locally?” and as they build up their knowledge of what is available locally, the answer will be a resounding yes.

The people of Norfolk so far have fully embraced the challenge and are reporting back with very positive reviews of what they have bought and where from. The feedback so far is also going a long way to dispelling the myth that is harder and more expensive to buy local than to go to supermarket, and many have said they saved money. While this challenge is based in Norfolk, it is something that can be undertaken almost anywhere in the UK.