New Jamaican food festival heads to London

A Jamaican food festival which has already become popular in Jamaica as well as New York, is going to be coming to London. The event is called Restaurants Week, and it is going to be hosted in a restaurant in London run by top chef, Collin Brown. The event is going to come to the UK for the first time next month, and many people in the culinary world are already looking forward to the event.

The celebration lasts for one week, and runs from 9 November, to 17 November. It has already received a great deal of sponsorship including from the largest newspaper in Jamaica. The event is sure to promote the food of Jamaica, and bring it to a wider audience in the UK, encouraging them to enjoy the tasty food that can be found from this country.

In a recent interview, Mr Brown has told the newspaper, The Voice, “Those who come to the restaurant during this Festival are going to be able to enjoy some fantastic Jamaican food. We are going to be offering a special menu which has some of the best food from Jamaica, and it is not just the food that is going to make this occasion special, as we have live reggae music being performed.”

Restaurants Week in Jamaica, has been running since 2004 in its home country, and it sees many fine restaurants on the islands become involved in the events, to serve up some of the best food from the country. In 2011, the event had its first international expansion, with a move to New York. One of the organisers of the event is commented, “So far we have been through eight years of incredible partnerships, and serving up great food, and we are very excited about this move to London to bring Jamaican food to a whole new audience.”