New food festival comes to Weston Super Mare

This September will bring with it a new food festival in Weston Super Mare known as the Weston Super Food Festival. Its organiser has stated that the festival has already grown into a much larger affair then she ever could have imagined when she first started to plan it.

Sally Packer has organized quite a few festivals over the last few decades, and launched her very first food decade about eight years ago in Bristol. Since then she has gained quite a bit of experience with food festivals and is ready to bring a new festival to Weston.

The weekend that is backed by local newspaper The Mercury will have a variety of outdoor and indoor stalls and will offer cookery workshops for the adults and food activities for the children. The Weston Super Food Festival is a non-profit organisation and a social enterprise that aims to help support the local food economy by reaching out to local and small food producers.

Packer explained that she has been tossing around the idea of launching a food festival in Weston for quite awhile because the area has some excellent coffee shops, good restaurants, and some very nice local producers. Her goal is to get more people to purchase more locally source food products and the aim is to help support local producers and local culture.

The official sponsors of the event will be The Mercury by printing previews, holding competitions, and asking readers to send in their best recipes and food photos via the iWitness platform. Packer started organising crafts, art, and design festivals but she explained that she has always loved food and been interested in nutrition which eventually led her towards hosting food festivals and they grew so quickly that she had to focus solely on food festivals.