My Halton Foodie Fortnight will be a tasty treat in September

In September, food lovers around the country, could be in for a treat if they attend the My Halton Foodie Fortnight, which is returning for a second time this year. Residents in the area are preparing themselves for the Festival which is going to see a huge range of different events including food tasting, live cooking demonstrations, and the opportunity to learn various cookery skills.

The event is starting on 17 September and is going to run until 30 September. The local Borough Council is responsible for organising the Festival, and last year it saw almost 10,000 people come to visit.

This is not just going to be useful for people who enjoy food, and last year the event saw various lessons being taught to local businesses about how to prepare hygienic food. An event last year by the council saw 30 owners from local takeaways come to learn about food hygiene.

Last year the event was a huge success and was featured on such notable media outlets as the BBC and Cheshire Life. This was complemented by very positive reviews on the social networks Facebook and Twitter.

A representative from the local council, Rob Polhill commented, “Last year the event was a huge success and we really feel it captured the imagination of the local area and beyond.

This is a relatively small budget event but we managed to make it a great success by working together with the private sector to create an event larger than would be possible otherwise. Not only would we want this event to be a great opportunity for people to come and taste fantastic food, but we also want to see it as a way to promote healthy living.”