Mold prepares itself for their Food and Drink Festival

The Mold Food & Drink Festival is soon to take place and as part of the festivities a range of wonderful dining opportunities across the county has been created.

During the festivities, 23 businesses in the county have been asked to create a menu which is going to give patrons some special cuisine during the festival. The idea behind the festival is that these locations are going to be offering people special food, but also at a great price.

John Les Tomos is the chairman of the festival and he is commented, “This year we want to see a broader range of activities surrounding the festival and we think that this collection of restaurants offering special menus is going to be a wonderful addition. We think that it is really going to encourage more people to attend these great destinations in Mold.

“We’ve already had such a great deal of interest in the festival and we think that it really shows that there is such a strong interest in food in the area. We very much expect this to be a successful venture from the get go.”

The range of different meals available at the restaurants across the county is enormous and ranges from afternoon tea, to traditional breakfasts. A special map is being published in order to show those who are interested how they can reach the different dining destinations across the county. If you are interested in finding more information about this event you can visit the website which can be found at

The event is taking place on September 22nd and 23rd and is going to be held in the New Street Car Park. The funding from the event has come from the Welsh government but it also has supporting from Flintshire county council.