Melton to hold mustard festival

Melton is a part of the UK that is renowned for its Stilton cheese and its pork pies and it has recently been announced that the first food festival in the UK celebrating mustard is to be taking place in the area. The event is called the Great British Mustard Bash and will be taking place on March 2012.

The event is the idea of Rosemary Jameson who is the owner of an online jam making business. She is also a regular contributor to great food magazine which is published bimonthly and is one of the major sponsors of the festival. She is recently commented, “Mustard production mostly takes place in the UK and it seems rather strange that there is currently no mustard festival. We originally thought about having the event in Tewkesbury or Norwich but considering the excellent food that comes from Melton it seemed like the perfect location.”

The event is not just going to focus on mustard and it is expected that a great many other foods and drinks will play a part of the festival including cheese, beer, and sausages. There will be a mustard making events at the festival and several demonstrations about the food. We are hoping to be able to get some big names from the food industry involved in the festival so they can judge a mustard competition.

The event is being held in Scalford Hall, a particularly appropriate location as it was once the home of the famous Colonel Mustard. The chairman of the Melton Mowbray Food Partnership is Matthew O’Callaghan and he is welcomed the idea of having a mustard Festival.