Melton Mowbray organise special pie fest

A Pie Fest is being organised in the home of the one of the UK’s most famous pork pies, the Melton Mowbray pie. Many pubs, cafes and restaurants in the town are being encouraged to take part in this festival which is displaying the town’s famous link with its pies. There is also a competition being run which is intending to find the best pie in the whole town.

Any pie manufacturer in the area can enter the competition and the pies are going to be served up in late September and judged by an official panel. Visitors are going to be encouraged to visit the festival and taste some incredible produce from the local area. The panel of judges is going to be led by Stephen Hallen who is known as the director of a notable local pie shop. He is going to be awarding a trophy to the person who is determined to have the best pie in the area.

It is not just professionals who are going to be involved in the Festival and there are going to be a series of workshops during this time encouraging people to bake pies at home. These lessons are going to allow people to create incredible pies in their own home.

It is not just pie makers from the local area who are going to be heading to the festival however, and people from all over the country are going to be coming to display their different types of food, specifically pies.

The event is being organised by Matthew O’Callaghan who is part of the Melton Mowbray Food Partnership and he has commented, “This is going to be an incredible weekend for anyone who loves food, especially pies. We are certain that this event is going to be a huge success.”