Manchester’s Christmas markets

It is the season for the return of Manchester’s Christmas markets.  Of course there will be more vendors than ever setting up shop in the log cabin themed stalls.  There is also a French market opening on King Street. Local and national vendors will share space with others from, quite literally, all over the world.  There will be vendors and exhibits from France, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Holland, and Italy, making it a truly international Christmas event.

Arts and crafts will fill 300 stalls along with food, spirits, wine, beer, jewellery, photography, fashion, and plants.  The 300 stalls will be set up in eight different venues.  All of the markets will feature all of these items and more.

The German market will be on exhibit at St. Anne’s Square, while European Christmas markets cater to all takers at Albert Square.  The remaining venues will set up at Exchange Square, New Cathedral Street, Exchange Street, and Brazennose Street.

The Christmas Markets bring people to Manchester for 12 years running.  Statistics say that £40 million was generated last year by nearly 1.5 million visitors.  The £40 million figure takes into account everything from tourists’ expenditures, vendor’s expenditures, everyone’s accommodations, and employment undertaken from the markets.  This year the market will employ well over 1200 people.

The Christmas Markets in Manchester are not just a source of revenue.  For the people of Manchester, they represent something much deeper than that.  They herald the Christmas season with diversity and pride and give Manchester a better, stronger sense of itself.

Do yourself a great festive favour and get to Manchester this year, anytime up to 21 December.  The stalls are open from 10AM until 8PM and food and drink is served until 9PM.