Lack of asparagus leads to cancellation of festival

News has reached us that the  British Asparagus Festival has been postponed, and possibly cancelled, because there is not enough asparagus actually available for the festival.

Worcestershire normally has the festival at this time of year but the bad weather has meant that the festival has had to be cancelled as not enough asparagus has been grown in time. Normally, thousands of people attend the festival and they’re all going to be very disappointed to hear that it has been cancelled. is organised by Angela Tidmarsh, and she has said, “We knew that this year asparagus was going to be in short supply because the weather has not been ideal for growing it. Unfortunately, a lot of the asparagus crop has been flooded and we are simply not able to bring enough asparagus to the festival for it to be held. We are very apologetic to all people who were looking forward to attending the festival, it is a great disappointment to us, as organisers, as well.

It’s ironic as the British Asparagus Festival was started as a way of helping the area recover after the severe floods of 2007”.That said, we plan to continue to celebrate asparagus throughout May and hope that the crop will be available for the famous auction at the Fleece at Bretforton on 27th May. At this rate, it will be selling at record prices”.

The annual festival usually features stalls selling all-things asparagus including soap, sausages and sweets. Local chefs do cookery demos, an asparamancer reads people’s fortunes using the vegetable and there’s even asparagus toothpaste this year.

Continuing, Angela said:“We’ll crown the King of Asparagus with an asparagus crown at the auction and recreate elements of the festival at the Fleece at Bretforton”.