Kettering food conference

On 16 November at Kettering Park Hotel a conference will be held that is dealing with the future proofing of the food and drink industry. Stuart Tristram is taking part in this conference which tackles how food producers and businesses are going to be combating food wastage.

The talk will cover issues at both the local and global level and highlight the impact that food wastage has on the planet and society. As well as the talk there will be several workshops telling people about various solutions to combat food waste.

The event has been organised by Northamptonshire Enterprise Partnership and will be highlighting some of the expected trends in the industry. It will examine the challenges that everyone faces and what tools businesses can use to help combat the problem.

Several internationally famous brands will be involved with the conference, such as Weetabix. Another event that is being run alongside the conference is the, ‘Feeding the 5000,’ this is an event where the public are treated to a free meal made from vegetables and fruits that have been rejected because they are cosmetically imperfect. If the food were not used at this event it would simply be wasted.

Tristram Stuart has commented about the events, “Around 4 million people in the country are unable to afford a balanced diet. We are also seeing a huge amount of food wastage in Britain and around a quarter of the food bought by households is disposed of, this comes at a cost of nearly £500 a year.” Tristram is on a campaign against food waste and has recently been recognised by international environmental award.