Jamaican festival in primary school during the Olympics

During the Olympic Games, Maryland Primary School is going to see a Jamaican celebration in order to celebrate the five decades of independence that the country has had. The event is being called Festival Jamaica 2012 and it is going to be running during the end of July and early August. The event is going to take place in the school which is located just two miles away from the Olympic Park.

The school is going to be transformed into performance stages, cultural spaces and even a tropical jungle and is going to serve as a base for the culture of Jamaica during the Olympic Games along with Jamaica House, which has been assembled at The O2 in order to hold comedy and music events for the 50th anniversary celebrations. The events are not officially linked, however it is thought that the programmes are going to complement each other nicely.

This festival is an evolution of a previously existing event called The Reggae Exhibition. This is an exhibition that was conceived by local group of people and since then it has expanded significantly. As the festival grew larger it began to involve a great deal of different elements from Jamaican culture and today it has reached its peak size with these 50th anniversary celebrations.

There are going to be many special events that are taking place at the Olympic Games which are celebration of Jamaican culture. There are going to be evening lectures given by people who are credited with inspiring the ska music of the 1960s.