Invopak hoping to cash in on Ice Cream expo

The largest supplier of rigid packaging containers, Invopak, is set to join the 2013 Ice Cream expo. There, the company expects to be able to showcase its wide range of food tubs and buckets to the largest audience in the industry. The expo is put on every year by the Ice Cream Alliance and is meant to bring manufacturers and suppliers together to discuss the latest industry news, trends and innovations.

Although it is a large container company Invopak will be only one of the 40 companies in attendance at this year’s Ice cream expo. Sales director for the family owned company Invopak testified that the company’s first visit in to the expo 2011 proved to be a worthwhile venture. In 2011 Invopak stated that the Ice Cream industry made up only a small percentage of the company’s sales and the Expo provided them with an avenue to grow that percentage significantly

The Ice Cream expo offers businesses like Invopak a rare chance to meet with all the key industry leaders in one place in a face to face setting.mInvopak began Working with multiple suppliers in 2012 to maintain its insight into the needs of the industry. That year the company produced many new containers ranging from oxy-biodegradable

To food grade polypropylene containers with collar systems to protect its contents. This new collar system features a tamper evident seal for added security. At this year’s Ice Cream Expo, Invopak plans to unveil all this and more. Invopak has been obsessively working around the clock planning for the upcoming event, which is set to take place starting on February 19th until the 21st.

The container company will be showcasing its tubs, containers, buckets and more. The excitement for Invopak is that they will be exhibiting products from a number of suppliers like Cheko, Maxima, toppac and Shalam. This year’s Ice cream Expo will be at the Yorkshire Event Centre in Harrogate.