Haloodies hail first British Halal Food Festival as a great success

Britain hosted its first halal food festival last month. Haloodies, the fans of halal food of every background and profession, religion and race headed for the Docklands of London in order to celebrate the occasion. The simple reason being that they all enjoy halal food.

The last weekend of Septmenber saw some visitors at the ExCeL Centre from Australia too. They came to take part in what the multibillion-pound sector is offering to its fans. In addition to cooking classes and celebrity chefs, there was live demonstrations of cooking, street food exhibitors and restaurants will also show what they have to offer to visitors.

A London couple came up with the concept for the food festival. This idea has the support of the statistics too. The 2.7 million UK Muslims, have a combined spending power in the regions of £20billion, according to the last census figures. The rising population has ensured that one in every ten inhabitants in London is a Muslim.

In fact, the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson has a great grandfather who was a Muslim. He was glad that London was the place for the event, since it was home to different Muslim communities representing people from all regions of the globe.

One could see Jean Christophe Novelli cooking his award winning cookery. He has won several Michelin awards. He said that he grew up respecting all faiths and religions. His ability to cook meat for his neighbours and friends was a natural thing like preparing vegetarian meals for the vegetarians.

One common misconception concerning halal food was that one could use this term only in the context of animals slaughtered, in some particular manner for their meat. The idea was that this method followed some Muslim principles regarding the preparation.

Halal has the meaning of “permissible” or even “lawful depending on the context. One can prepare “halal” food only if one had concern for the animals.

The process should abide with certain moral codes and ethics for conducting business and must meet the minimum standard laid down by Islam that requires that animals be slaughtered by cutting the throat with a single stroke to ensure the loss of blood rapidly unlike shooting the animal on its head.