Government money-off vouchers on healthy food

The government are set to launch a scheme by which it offers incentives for families in England to adopt a healthier lifestyle and habits. Under the scheme, families will get discounts on activities, and money-off vouchers on healthy food.

A total of £250 million worth of vouchers will be available for families willing to participate in the scheme. Families will also gain access to nutritional advice and food subsidised by the food and drink industry.

To qualify for the scheme, known as the Great Swapathon, families need to fill an online lifestyle questionnaire. Upon completing the questionnaire, the website will suggest lifestyle changes based on the information. The advice will aim to offer healthier alternatives to the users. And will give the families that qualify a £50 vouchers book to be redeemed on select healthy food and drinks. Families will also get nutritional advice and recopies for healthy meals; in addition to activity advice and suggestions.

Local businesses will distribute 1 million £50 vouchers books while a Sunday newspaper is going to distribute the remaining 4 million books.

According to the department of health, the Government, the industry, and the media have teamed up to form a revolutionary partnership. Under which, all three parties will collaborate to help people improve their health.

Andrew Lansley, the Health Secretary, expressed his delight with launching the scheme. He described the scheme as an “example” that proves that the media, the food and drink industry, and the Government can work together for the greater good.

“The cost of the healthy options is often higher than the less healthy ones,” said Lansley. “It is essential to offer all that we can to encourage people to adopt the healthy options. This scheme does exactly.”

The Interim Chief Medical Officer for England, Dame Sally Davies, advised families to adopt a more active lifestyle by exercising for half an hour and eating a minimum of 5 healthy portions of fruit and vegetable every day.