Glengoyne Distillery Christmas Festival

Glengoyne Distillery will be host to another Christmas Festival this year.  The whisky maker has had past success with a Whisky and Food Festival and is hoping that Saturday, December 4, of this year will be even better.

Glengoyne will expand the food selection, offer tasting of their finest whiskey, feature a farmer’s market, cooper racing, free wine, wandering minstrel shows, indoor parking, curry, and a fire engine for the kiddies.  Families are encouraged to come and enjoy an old-fashioned holiday time.

Attendees agreed that the last festival caught the feelings and spirit of Christmas past in a way that was exhilarating and magical.  There was an undercurrent of history and humanity running through the distillery courtyard that was palpable, and it wasn’t just the whisky talking.

Although plenty will be flowing, as Glengoyne uses the occasion to launch a new micro release that promises to give the drinker a one-of-a-kind experience with the maturation process of whisky.  Whatever that means, if it is anything like the last festival it will be outstanding holiday fun and good cheer for the entire family.

Glengoyne whisky is renowned for its smoothness.  This is due, they claim, to a slow and patient maturation process unlike that of any other whisky in the world.

The organizers of the festival have been working long and hard with the local community to offer festival-goers a uniquely traditional experience featuring the best of food, refreshment, and fun. It will not do to miss the Glengoyne Festival this Christmas time.