Fabulous Baker Brothers set to appear at P&O's Dalriada Festival

The Fabulous Baker Brothers, Tom and Henry Herbert, are going to be joined by many other chefs at the Dalriada Festival, that has been organised by P&O ferries. The brothers are famous for appearing on Channel 4 and they are going to be part of the food element that makes up the festival that is happening in July. Many chefs are going to be at the event celebrating some of the best produce from across Ireland.

The brothers are going to be headlining the event and their appearance is something that is sure to attract a lot of interest. They are going to be cooking up a great deal of food in the courtyards of the Glenarm Castle, where the event is taking place in mid-July. It runs from Friday the 13th to Saturday the 14th and it is expected that the event is going to be a great success.

Tom, one of the brothers, has stated, “We think that this is going to be a great opportunity, we are already looking forward to going to Northern Ireland and cooking up some food with some of the finest local flavours. We have a great passion for finding locally sourced products and we think that this is going to be a whole new opportunity for us.”

The managing director of the estate where the event is taking place is Adrian Morrow and he is commented, “This part of the country is known for producing some of our best food. This event is going to be a celebration of the diversity and quality of this food and we are delighted to welcome these incredible chefs in order to create some wonderful dishes.

We think that the flavours and tastes available at the festival are going to be exceptional and the whole event is going to be a great deal of fun.” The celebration also involves sport and music, with an appearance scheduled from Ronan Keating.