English Heritage in a search for historic venues that may well be good enough to eat!

English Heritage launches fun food competition

Mushy peas piled next to a meat pie have inspired the English heritage to host a friendly competition where the public is being asked to craft some of the iconic and memorable Yorkshire historical sites out of food and place pictures of their creations on Twitter and Facebook.

The idea for the event was first created when Julian Humphreys was in York and settling in to dine at a local café when he realized that his pies and pea looked similar to Clifford’s Tower and the grassed mound that it sits atop of.  This made him wonder just how many more prominent images could be created with just basic meal ingredients, such as using meatloaf to create Hadrian’s Wall or fish fingers to make Stonehenge.

The challenge is now up to the public to meet with some of the most challenging sites likely to be Scarborough Castle, Riveaulx Abbey, and the ruins of Whitby Abbey.  Those that demonstrate exemplify spirit in their creations will win family passes to the Northern English heritage sites.  All entries on Twitter should be tagged #ehyevents and on Facebook #Yorkshire Whats-On.