Eat Dorset Food Fair a growing feast

The Eat Dorset Food Fair has grown to become a most interesting culinary event.  Six years ago, when it started, it was a very basic small tent and a book launch. Now, it has 56 stalls that feature the best produce in the county.

Foodies are found mingling the grounds in the midst of famous chefs and well-known personalities.  This year Lesley Waters ran small hands-on trainings, teaching people to create and cook simple recipes.

The organizers have been very pleased by this year’s turn out and validate that the event is the best it has ever been.  Surely, it is favoured by the people who show up in droves to attend.  When asked what it was in particular that makes this food event so popular, representatives stated the picturesque location and the limit of participants.

They said they could have many more vendors but that they were interested only in having the representative best.  The theory of the Eat Dorset Food Fair is just that, eating Dorset food.

It isn’t down to a strictly commercial thing where everybody and anybody get to tout their wares.  It is about introducing people interested in consuming quality produce to people who are offering quality produce.

There are events like foraging walks, speeches by specialists on locally grown produce, kite making lessons for the children, and horse rides in the park.  The events at Eat Dorset Food Fair are so well rounded and entertaining that the fair was named a finalist in Best Countryside Event awards, by Countryside Magazine.

Even with all of this popularity and fame, organizers pledge never to let the fair get too big for its britches.