Dorset prepares for the Christchurch Food and Wine Festival

The Christchurch Food and Wine Festival is an important event that runs from 11th May to the 20th May. It is an event that is going to bring food fans from all over the country and it is sure to delight them. This year the final evening of the festival is going to be a masquerade ball in a Venetian style.

There are also many other highlights of the event including the appearance of Lesley Waters, the famed TV chef as well as James Martin and Alex Aitken. The first medicinal chef in the UK, Dale Pinnock is also going to be at the event and he is going to be giving demonstrations about how to create food that is good for your health and is capable of treating various ailments.

This year is also going to see the first time a baking event is going to take place. This is largely been organised as a response to the great baking boom that has been taking place in the country. The event is being sponsored by the Captains Club Hotel, and the restaurant from this hotel is also going to be featured at the event. They are also going to be running a champagne bar.