Celebrity TV chef headlines this year's Saltaire Festival

The Saltaire Festival is taking place for the 10th year in 2012 and the guest of honour who is going to be appearing at the event is a top celebrity chef on a television show. At the festival many cookery demonstrations are going to be taking place and many people are coming to set up food stalls which have different tasting opportunities.

One of the most notable people to appear at the event is Stephanie Moon, who appears on the television show, Great British Menu. She’s going to be conducting a live cooking display at the event is going to be sharing many of the expert tips that she has picked up over her career.

The chairman of the event is Julia Calver and she has commented, “We think this is going to be a wonderful event for amateur chefs from all over the country to come and pick up great tips about how to prepare better food. We think that this event is great for this time of year as we can host it outside so there is no shortage of space.”

Many other events are happening in what is known as the Chefs Theatre, including demonstrations of fruit sculpting, making confectionery, vegetarian cooking, and focusing on some Asian cuisine. There is also a strong focus on seafood at this year’s event and a chef from Sri Lanka is going to be demonstrating how to cook some of his country’s best seafood dishes.

This year the event is being sponsored by Aagrah and the managing director of this company, Mohammed Aslam has stated, “We are delighted to be sponsoring this event and to be offering demonstrations about cooking food. We think the food is a great way to bring different people together and we are proud to be sponsoring such an event as this.”