British Sandwich Association best butty in the country

From May 15th – 21st the sandwich will be in the spotlight by the British Sandwich Association celebrating the ongoing and growing popularity of what they call Britain’s Greatest Invention and you should know where you can find the best in the region.

Even though the sandwich has roots that go back centuries, it is believed to have elevated from the food of a peasant’s feast to the lunch of an aristocrat in the year 1762 when John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich called for the cuts of beef to be put on toasted slices of bread so he could continue with his gambling whilst eating.

Today those playing cards have been replaced with just about anything from magazines, to books and mobile devices and tablets and steering wheels thus making the sandwich a food of choice for those that are fond of multi-tasking.

Each year in Britain there are over 11.5 billion sandwiches eaten and more than 50% of them are hand made. Over £6 billion is spent by Britons each year on sandwiches from catering to the retail level.

The sandwich is not just a quick and easy meal it is also the favorite amongst the foodies that want to try new and unusual combinations in the never ending search for the perfect ‘wich. The biggest retailer of sandwiches is the sandwich mega franchise of all sandwich franchises, Subway. With over 34,000 franchises worldwide they must have done something right.

There is a list that the British Sandwich Association has compiled of their best in the country. Such as – from Greggs the New York Bloomer, at Asda the Scorching Hot Baguette and Sainsbury’s Honey Roasted Salmon and Tartare Dressing sandwich a mouthful in more ways than one. Bon Appetite.