British Food Fortnight wants to educate the public about great food

The British Food Fortnight is fast approaching; the event is aimed at making the younger generation in particular and a wider selection of the public aware of the many different types of drink and food items that Britain produces.  At the same time, the week is intended to increase the awareness of what is consumed both at home and in restaurants, to encourage people to think about the pleasures that eating regional food can bring.

In fact, a great deal of the foods and drinks that top the promotion bill for the week have history that dates back to medieval times, making them an important part of British heritage.  In this way, the food and drink recipes are national treasures that need to be preserved by those willing to learn how to make them, and those willing to consume them.

The Fortnight creates many fun ways for children and adults to learn about the history behind some of the best British creations, while providing restaurants and pubs the chance to show Britain’s produce the best light, and increase the tourism sector.

One of the largest social issues facing Britain today is a lack of awareness in the general public about food, and if the benefits of fresh produce and preparation of it are not addressed then the nation runs the risk of becoming a fast food nation which not only is detrimental to waistlines, but also to the heath of all UK citizens as a whole.