Brighton and Hove food festival being overlooked

A row has recently broken out in Brighton and Hove over the funding of different community projects. Many digital firms in the area have pledged to inspire young people through a series of programs that were funded by the council. The money given by the Council so far has totalled £14,000, and many people are hoping that this investment will pay itself off in the form of various benefits that it brings to the local area.

However, an organiser of a local food festival has said that the council has made a mistake in allocating this money to these programs, since they already received a great deal of funding. The national body, the Arts Council England, has already provided a great deal of funding towards the digital event, meaning that it doesn’t really need any more money, according to the food festival organiser.

The digital event is designed to help support the local education program, and give teachers the ability to learn important digital skills so that they can inspire young people in the use of technology.

The managing director of Wired Sussex, is Phil Jones and he has recently commented that this funding is absolutely vital. He said, “This is the sort of event that is a cornerstone in promoting digital creativity and young people. The goal of this festival is to have an event with an international standing that inspires young people from everywhere.”

The director of the digital Festival, Laurence Hill, has commented, “We are delighted to have this funding from the council, and we think that is going to make a real difference to our digital events.”