Bolton Food and Drink festival new attractions

Bolton Food and Drink festival has provided a much needed financial boost to the Market Place Shopping Centre. This is the sixth year for the festival and has been touted as the best to date. Statistics are supporting this claim as it seems that the number of visitors is up by around six percent on last year.

A new cooking theatre in the shopping complex is one reason people think the number of visitors has increased. Over the weekend, footfall at the centre was markedly increased, going up nearly 25% on Monday.

Rod Neasham, who runs the centre commented, “We have seen this increase partly because of the new theatre but also because the event becomes more prominent every year. More people are making it an essential thing to attend in their agendas.”

Bolton Council is currently calculating the number of people that attended the festival. Their early indications are that numbers will definitely exceed the 75,000 visitors who attended last year. As well as working out the figures, the council are seeking feedback on the event.