Bolton Christmas festival

Bolton has brought its Christmas celebration back from last year.  This year’s event is sponsored by Sky and has even more features than the last festival.  The event was so successful in engrossing shoppers and townsfolk alike that the Bolton Council voted it back for a second year.

This year’s festivities will include a Bavarian Bierkeller, live entertainment, a colossal igloo for children’s crafts, and lots of typically good festival food. Most of the action will take place in Victoria Square, where vendors, producers, and exhibitors will set up every day from 10:00 AM.

There will be plenty for shoppers from homemade foods and desserts to soap, cards, and jewelry.  It is a market festival, so there are lots of good things to be had by shoppers from all around.

A number of vendors and producers had a part in this year’s Food and Drink Festival, which was an earlier event.  The vendors are back, they say, because of how well run and easy everything has been.  The Bolton Council has everything very well organized and publicized.  Things sell extraordinarily well in Bolton, one gentleman commented.

The market festival in Bolton begins 10 December and runs up until 19 December.