Bishop Auckland Food Festival hailed as a huge success

Bishop Auckland Food Festival took place last weekend and it was an immensely successful event despite the weather. Over 20,000 people came to sample food from the local area which has made it one of the most successful food festivals in the whole country. It is largely expected that because of the events success, it is going to be repeated next year, and it is possible that the event will be turned into a two day event.

The event was so popular that many of the items that local producers had brought to the show, had already sold out by the mid-afternoon on just one day. There were also significant queues to get into the different attractions although some of this was because people were desperate to get out of the rain.

One of the biggest attractions at the day was the appearance of the Fabulous Baker Brothers, from the television show on Channel 4. They were performing live cooking demonstrations using food from Sainsbury’s and these proved immensely popular.

This is the first time that the event has taken place in the marketplace at Bishop Auckland. The event is usually run at Auckland Castle, and it was also run at this location in order to increase capacity this year.