Birmingham food fest ditched and replaced by a website

The Birmingham’s yearly food festival was replaced by a website. There are so many festivals showcasing the best local produce including Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield, Liverpool, and New Castle. The Birmingham’s Food Fest was ditched due to the fact that its food scene is too diverse to be celebrated in just a single festival.

Sir Albert Bore announced that there will be a plan of officially making the Birmingham the “Festival City.” this promotional push was supported by both civic and business leaders. Marketing Birmingham is the one running the Visit Birmingham website has attempted to raise an annual event featuring the wide culinary offerings in the city. It first launched the Taste of Birmingham in Cannon Hill Park and then replaced it with a ten day city wide Birmingham Food Fest.

This year, Marketing Birmingham will be launching a summer campaign in its new website “Birmingyum” showcasing a ream of foods and drinks all over the city. This will include the Colmore Business District Food Festival, Brindleyplace Chilli Festival, Birmingham Beer Bash, and the International Food Fair in August.

Ian Taylor, the commercial director of Marketing Birmingham said that they have come up with a conscious decision to showcase food to attract visitors to come to Birmingham. They focus more on hitting the overnight visitors with their huge arrays of events such as BBC Good Food Show and Taste of Birmingham. The main idea is to attract people to visit the city and sample a taste of the city’s exquisite cuisines.

It was conducted in the Cannon Hill Park, but most people felt that it was not enough to showcase the overall food scene and that made us change our strategy. Hence, Marketing Birmingham decided to scrap the Taste of Birmingham after two years. The festival was then changed to Birmingham Food Fest uniting 10 days of events within the city. However, after two years it was also scrapped in favour of Birmingyum.