Artisan Cheese Fair in Melton Mowbray

At the cattle market exhibition the first annual Artisan Cheese Fair will be hosted in Melton this weekend June 11 – 12. The fair organized by Melton Mowbray Food Partnership will boost Melton’s great reputation for cheese and is sponsored by Stilton Cheese Makers Association celebrating the finest of the country’s artisan cheese makers with set to be exhibiting, many of the UK’s leading cheese producers.

Entry is only £1 and there will be plenty of stands available with complimentary products that include beer, wine, pickles, pies and bread. Melton is well know as the home of Stilton but Red Leicester is produced here as well and is the second most popular cheese after cheddar produced regionally.

Lesser known are the other cheeses that were made in the region and are sadly no longer such as Slipcote and Colwick. People in the area want Melton to have its rightful place in the world of cheese.

Many feel Melton should have a higher profile for cheese especially for the fact that two of Britain’s best iconic cheeses are from here. In an attempt to boost the reputation of cheese making and cheese in general, the Artisan Cheese Fair has become a national event.