Alnwick food festival sees a record number of requests for stalls

This year the food festival that takes place in Alnwick has seen a record number of applications made for the stalls at the festival. This suggests that the festival this year is going to be very popular with both exhibitors as well is attendees. It is estimated that 60 different exhibitions are going to be held at the event which takes place in the towns Market Place. The event lasts for two days and occurs in late September.

This is the eighth year in which the festival has run and since its inception it has become one of the largest food events in this part of the country. Producers come from around the county of Northumberland as well as destinations as far as Scotland, Cumbria and Newcastle.

Karen Larkin is the director of the festival and she has recently commented, “Every year we hope to see an increase in the number of stores we have. We usually aim for a 10 percent increase although this year we have had a particularly good response and we are seeing a great many new people come to the festival, as well as many favourites from previous years.”

It is not guaranteed that every application will get a place at the festival and a group of people are responsible for making sure that all the festival stalls represent some of the best local food.

Last year the festival saw an estimated 30,000 people attend the event and much of this was put down to the appearance of John Christoph Novelli who made an appearance for the first time in 2011. He has announced that he will be attending this festival again this year.