Actress Hattie Hayridge to open this years Cucumber Festival

The Cucumber Festival is going to take place on 12 May this year and it has just announced that Hattie Hayridge is going to be opening the event. Ms Hayridge is an actress who is most well known for having a role on the sci-fi show, Red Dwarf. She’s a particularly appropriate guest to open the show because both her father and grandfather were involved in cucumber farming.

The cucumber festival is held in Waltham Abbey and is part of the partnership organisation, Waltham Abbey Loves Food. This is a series of activities and events which take place every year and it is something that is enthusiastically supported by the local community.

The event is supported by Lea Valley Growers who are a notable supplier of fresh salad. They are also the largest cucumber farmer in the UK producing around 75 percent of all of the countries cucumbers. It is estimated that over 1 million cucumbers are produced by the company every week and sent off around the country.

Many people might find it initially strange that there is an entire food festival dedicated to cucumbers. However, it is not just cucumbers that celebrated the event and there are other popular salad items also being displayed. It is also a good idea as it is a food festival that promote the consumption of healthy food, rather than foods high in fat. This is something that is particularly notable this year as the Olympic Games are being held in the capital city this summer.

There are many attractions taking place at the food festival in addition to cucumber tastings. There is a live music event which will have many different bands playing and dance groups dancing. There is also a cucumber relay race, where batons are replaced with cucumbers.