Abergavenny Food Festival is a big draw

Over 41,000 visitors were in attendance at the Abergavenny Food Festival this past weekend making it the largest attended food festival in history.

The streets of the city were packed with food enthusiasts as the festival entered into its 12th year.  Event organizers stated that the turnout set new records increasing over last year by about 35,000.

One of the reasons may have been the fact that it featured something for everyone from chutneys to breads to pates to cheeses to organic vegetables.

There was a prominent showing of producers from Wales offering the very best that the country can offer.  Food items also came as far away as the sub-continent with many hungry attendees travelling through the stalls by following their noses.

There were plenty of items around to sample and beverages to help wash down the delicious tastes such as feast wines, ales, gins, champagnes, whiskeys, and ciders.

Saturday started out sunny and offered a great background for guests who were anxious to get their hands on some foods with free tastes offered by many of the stall owners.

In fact, the festival was so large that people came from England and Wales and many other areas to see what type of tastes were up for grabs.

Some of the highlights of the festival included a soup making competition that was held in the Castle at the Children’s Food Academy.