The new wine grape crops are now picked

In autumn there is a great deal of talk in the wine industry as announcements over the different varieties and blends that they will be offering in the coming months are made. Many great wines are starting to come out of southern Europe and it seems that these will play an important part of the wine industry in the coming months.

For people who enjoy Sauvignon Blanc a new wine created from grapes that are found in Italy, Corsica and France is called Vermentino and it is a crisp wine with a lemony freshness and an aromatic breeze. From Tesco you can pick up a great bottle for just under £7. A great blended version of the wine is available for just under £9 at Waitrose.

As for red wine, Portugal is currently producing a huge range made from many local grapes. Douro, which was previously a company that have been responsible for making port have started making red wines which are deep and complex. For those who are a fan of bold wines like Shiraz it is worth trying out their varieties, which include, Touriga Nacional and Trincadeira.

It also seems that there will be a rejuvenated interest in Carignan, a type of wine that is similar to Pinot Noir but has a stronger taste. If you really want to taste a great example of this wine try Odfell Orzada Carignan, which is available for £16 at Waitrose. If you want something a bit more affordable, there is the Cotes Catalanes Carignan which is available from Tesco for just £7.

Italy is another country that is producing some excellent reds and if you like simple and fruity wines then Marzemino is a great choice for you. Sainsbury is currently have a special offer on this wine.