Tesco embrace regional Welsh goods

Tesco is seeing a century worth of Welsh goods hit their shelves these days thanks to a new initiative of the corporate giant. In fact the company now holds 100 units of products that are well known and celebrated by some of the largest suppliers in the region, being showcased at a recent event in the Cardiff Welsh Assembly building.

Several representatives from the Wrexham Village Bakery are set to attend, including known local names like Llangefni, Jones O’ Gymru crisps, and the Just Love Food Company. Many more producers will of course add themselves to that number, marking a new milestone of Welsh food products profits surpassing £101 million, while a large amount of new suppliers are being introduced thanks to their local products being showcased at the event.

Alun Davies, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture at the Food and Fisheries division is joining the crowd, wanting to be part of the event. Meanwhile, Tesco’s Local Sourcing Team in Wales added a dedicated team to buy and market goods, and they will work closely with local suppliers, supporting them so they can grow their companies by sending technical and marketing tips and tricks to their shoppers.

Mr Davies spoke recently at a press event and wanted to convey that Wales was a great source of food and drinking goods, along with a great adventure for those who enjoy this type of event. Another attendee to the event was Jane Olney, the account manager for the Village Bakery.

She also spoke in public, indicating that her company was excited to offer an opportunity for Tesco to bring them new Welsh Cakes, something the company does well. Meanwhile, Jones O’Cymru co-founders met at The Royal Welsh Show in 2011 to help launch three new product lines in well over 40 stores.