Stonehaven chippy reaches national final of prestigious contest

A fish and chip shop based in Stonehaven has recently reached the finals of a food and drink competition which has a great deal of prestige. The award is not for its food however, but for its commitment to sustainability in its business practices.

The fish and chip shop is called The Bay and it is one of the two finalists which have been competing for a sustainability award which is going to be announced at the Food and Drink Excellence Awards, based in Scotland.

The fish and chip shop has been recognised in the past for its excellent food however, and it is currently ranked as the best fish and chip shop in Scotland. The shop has already been recognised in the past for its commitment to sustainability, and this new award is just going to be further recognition of its achievements.

These Food & Drink awards are designed to recognise the best food companies in Scotland. This fish and chip shop unknown for doing everything they can to be environmentally friendly.

All of the waste oil from the restaurant is used to make bio diesel and all of the food is composted. It contributes a remarkably small amounts to landfill in Scotland. In addition to all of this, all of the packaging that the food is put into, is made out of 100 percent recycled materials.

Callum Richardson is the owner of the restaurant and he has commented, “To be a finalist at these awards is fantastic. We want to encourage best practices in the industry and encourage other fish and chip restaurants across the UK to do the same.”