Sales of food and drink are booming in Gloucestershire

Food and drink sales are continue to prosper in Gloucestershire and experts within the food industry believe that other regions of the country should observe the trend and attempt to follow in their footsteps. Regional president of Whole Foods Market UK Jeff Turnas and Director of Sherborne’s Bensons Totally Fruity are two very public figures that are proud to boost the many great food and drink items that come out of the county.

In an effort to show off just how much the area brings to the table, the Whole Foods Market sponsored the 2012 Cheltenham Food and Drink Festival that took place over three days and brought together a wide array of food producers, wine makers, brewers, and chefs in Montpellier Gardens.

Whole Foods Market UK is very new to the county as it is actually an American natural foods store that has just crossed the ocean and will soon open its first store in Cheltenham. The store will be located on Tewkesbury Road and is due to open its doors in the autumn. The chain has been looking at expanding into the UK market since 2008 and due to the great variety of local food and drink Turnas felt that Cheltenham would be a great flagship locatin.

The Gloucestershire store will be part of Gallagher Retail Park once it open its doors in October and will feature a wide variety of beauty and health product alongside a grand selection of food items. Among the items that it will source from local farmers and breweries are vegetables, fruits, seafood, wine, and beer. In addition, the site will also be home to fitness classes taught by trained staff.

Benson also is proud of his company Bensons Totally Fruity stating that he believes that his apple juice is set to take off, literally and figuratively as he has been talking with a few major airline companies about offering the natural juice onboard.