New award winning whisky launched in the UK

“One of the best wine cask deliveries I have tasted from the southern hemisphere. Absolutely classic. Just get it if you see it – a no-brainer.” Jim Murray Whisky Bible 2013

An Australian award winning whisky can now be found for the first time in the UK. The Overeem whisky is a single malt that is made from the finest possible ingredients you can find down under.

Using the cleanest water and best barley, the whisky is created by expert hands at a family run, boutique distillery in Tasmania. The combination of all this makes for a premium product that is collecting awards like others collect stamps.

The Old Hobart distillery favours quality over quantity and produces just 8,000 bottles each year, making them highly desirable and sought after by whisky lovers the world over.

In a very short space of time, its single malts have won industry acclaim from all over the world. It was just one of a few selected distillers to receive the Liquid Gold Award in the internationally-recognised Jim Murray Whisky Bible 2013.

The Overeem collection boasts four premium, single cask, single malt whiskies. This includes a port matured 43% abv, a cask strength port matured at 60% abv, a 43% sherry matured and a cask strength 60% sherry matured offering. All offer completely different senses on the eye, nose and palate and finish.

A 700ml bottle has a recommended retail price of between £139.99 and £189.99 including VAT.

The dram is being marketed in the UK by Oak Cask Distribution, headed by young entrepreneurs Toby Dudfield and Jonah Costello. The pair fell in love with the Overeem collection after tasting a sample and are now determined to share it with the rest of the country.

“I wanted something different to offer the market, something exclusive and a product that had the potential to change the views of whisky drinkers all over the globe,” Toby said.

“We have a fantastic product that we are doing our best to get into the hands of the consumer. Our goal is to have all whisky lovers share the fantastically unique Overeem experience.”

Jonah added: “When we discovered the Old Hobart Distillery, we realised the high-quality Overeem range was the perfect product to introduce to the ever-growing UK whisky market.”