Leeds beer for Leeds people

Leeds Brewery makers of Leeds Best, is requesting the people of the city to pick a pint thereby brewing a special ale that is named, designed and taste tested by the great people of Leeds to mark the June closing of the brewery in Tetley.

With Tetley’s closing, Leeds brewery will become the largest brewery in the city. Their plan is to offer to the public their excellent brewing skills and to involve the people that drink in the city in the full process that is involved with creating a new Leeds pint.

First a panel of taste-testers made up of Leeds celebrities will narrow the first shortlist down and then will hand that over to the public for the final vote.

There will be promotions to encourage people to visit pubs and other locations to taste test and vote for their favourite ale all the while having a say in the design and name of the new drink. June 10th will be the unveiling of the new collaborative pint that will kick off a seven days of beer festivities that will celebrate the history of brewing in Leeds.

The Leeds Brewery director Sam Moss said, it was a shame that Carlsberg UK decided to close the brewery after 189 years of brewing in Leeds and that Tetley’s beers and Leeds had always gone hand in hand. Nevertheless Leeds Brewery is now the brewery of the city and the city’s largest and they are proud to carry the mantle and continue the great tradition of brewing fine drinks in Leeds.