Holywell Water Company officially offer Malvern water

The original Malvern water is set to quench our thirsts once more thanks to The Holywell Water Company Ltd gaining the rights to use the name of the famous township in the branding.

The Holywell Water Company is delighted to announce the subtle yet highly significant re-branding of all its bottled sparkling and still spring water to Holywell Malvern Spring Water!

Holywell Spring Water has been produced by the Holywell Water Company since 2009 and can be found in some of the finest castles, restaurants and hotels across the country. This water comes from the original spring that nestles in the heart of Worcestershire’s Malvern Hills, but until now were unable to use the name ‘Malvern’ in any of its branding.

Water from the original Holywell spring in Malvern was first commercially bottled by Schweppes in 1843 and continued there for 54 years until the company moved production to a different site in 1897. Coca-Cola took over Schweppes and continued to produce Malvern Water from this site until the brand was dropped in 2010.

The Holywell Water Company took ownership of the original Malvern spring and 19th century building used by Schweppes in 2009, but despite bottling fresh spring water from this source the company was unable to use the iconic town in its branding.

Rhys Humm, Director of The Holywell Water Company, said: “I’m hugely excited about our subtle name change. The Holywell spring is indisputably the original source of Malvern water so it is fantastic that we can now include the prestigious Malvern name in our branding.”

He added: “It’s important that water from Malvern is still bottled and that the name and association is not lost forever. Our solicitors have done some fabulous work in registering this trademark and I hope that the public will be as happy as we are that we can use the term Malvern in relation to our pedigree water.”

The Holywell Water Company will be showcasing its newly branded bottles for the first time at the Hotelympia trade show at ExCeL, London, from the 26 February – 1 March.

The company has also taken this opportunity to include a QR code on its labelling which will take users on a video tour of the Holywell spring.

For more information visit www.holywellspringwater.co.uk