First North East food event of 2013 hailed a great success

Several restaurants in the north east area, along with food producers like milk farms and bottling plants, have been able to take part in a new event recently called the Meet and Eat networking event, where people could meet others who work in the same industry and may have tips and hints to share, in order to help each others out in running their daily businesses.

Whether it involved sharing profiles, ideas, or simply a friendly chit chat, these kinds of networking events are seen as crucial in the industry, which is why it ended up being so popular. One company in particular that took part in this was Taste North East, a not for profit group which promotes and sells food and drinks in the northernmost part of the country.

This and more were some of the attendees at the event, promoting through the various locations, with the Newcastle Falcons being one such bar where people met and discussed the day’s business, along with having a good time in this brand new entertainment ground.

Bethany Swash is one of the executives at the Northumberland Cheese Company and she said that the evening was very successful for her company, adding that new business leads could be gained on a regular basis.

This helped grow their profile along local corporations, something they could not do before. The experience also allowed them to learn about new plans for the 2013 version of Taste Club in order to support and grow the attendance list.

A future event is planned by the company and it will be called the Great North Gluten Free Fair, being held on April 27th. The future event will showcase the best gluten-free products available, and it will be presented in Newcastle, being open to all.