Yorkshire’s Own Kitchen guide available at ASDA

Deliciouslyorkshire has signed a contract with ASDA that will allow them to sell the 2010 version of its food and drink ‘bible’ in the Leeds-based chain of supermarkets. The campaigning brand has become known for pushing for further use of regional produce recently.

Over 30 stores in Yorkshire will be supplying “Yorkshire’s Own Kitchen”. The book will contain recipes and a food and drink guide that will detail the best in the region, including deliciouslyorkshire’s members and their food. The book also contains an introduction from Alan Titchmarsh, TV personality and gardener. His introduction will detail the significance of buying local produce in season.

Inside the guide, one can also find a selection of recipes that were supplied by an array of well-respected chefs from the region. James Martin as well as Rosemary Shrager are just a couple of the renowned celebrity chefs who supplied recipes in the book.

All of the members of deliciouslyorkshire are listed in the directory of the book, which will help to point consumers towards quality of the food and drink in the region, as well as the variety of foods that can be found there. It also contains recommendations for outings and lodging so that tourists will be able to best enjoy the Yorkshire coast and the lower dales.

The book will also contain a section that describes uniquelyorkshire products such as smoked haddock, swaledale cheese, and forced rhubarb. The guide can also be found in a variety of places in the region, including bookshops and cafes. ASDA will be carrying the guide in the near future.