Ten Tips on Saving Money When you Eat Out

If you are looking for some money saving tips to make your next meal out cheaper then Ross from frugalfood.org.uk have ten great tips to get your bill down.

1 – Use Online Vouchers

Many sites online offer money off coupons when you eat at certain restaurants.  Generally these are chain restaurants and can include pub/eatery chains, pizza chains and various others.  Try sites such as www.vouchercloud.com,  vouchercodes.co.uk, hotdeals.com and restaurantvouchers.org.uk.

2 – Book Your Meal Online
Over the last few years a number of sites that specialise in offers and discounts when you eat out have sprung up offering things such as 50% off, or 3 for 2 or free deserts with your meal.  Try sites such as toptable.co.uk, lastminute.com and 5pm.co.uk.  You’ll book your meal online and then when you arrive just let them know you booked using that online deal.

3 – Sign up for Discounts

Some chain restaurants have their own newsletters and clubs that you can sign up to for free.  These include companies like La Tasca, Pizza Express, Wagamama and Gourmet Burger Kitchen.  Once you’re on their mailing list you’ll receive special offers and sometimes money off coupons from these companies.

4 – Lunch in the Capital

If you’re going to be in London then it’s worth remembering that eating out is generally far cheaper at lunch time than it is in the evening.  Some of the really good restaurants such as Gordon Ramsay’s Claridges restaurant the difference can be £50 between lunch (£30) and dinner (£80).

5 – Eat Off Peak

It’s not just London that this applies to.  Early Bird specials are becoming more common across the UK.

6 – Join a Dinner Club

The Gourmet Society is just one of a number of schemes which you can join that offers discounts to its members of as much as 50% off.  Annual membership will normally cost you, but the savings you can make are quite good if you eat out regularly.

7 – Buy the Good Food Guide

Featuring over twelve hundred restaurant reviews the latest edition of this guide also has over £50 of money off coupons in it.

8 – Bring a bottle

Many restaurants up and down the country will let you bring your own booze.  They wil sometime charge a small corkage fee (usually around £2 a bottle), but if your supermarket bottle of plonk only cost you a fiver and the house wine costs £15 you’ll still make quite a saving.

9 – Never Buy Water!

All pubs and restaurants which serve alcohol are now BY LAW required to let you have free tap water if you ask for it.  So if you want water with your meal make sure to ask for a jug of tap water rather than paying for bottled mineral water.

10 – Take Home a Doggy Bag

If you’ve paid for your meal, don’t waste it!  If you can’t eat the full plateful – and lets face it some places do serve up quite a lot – then ask for a doggy bag and take your leftovers home for a tasty lunch the next day.