Restaurants for a first date

Guest Article

Every new technology brings with it numerous by products, some that disappear without trace, and those that take off big style and prove to be more popular than anyone ever thought. The advent of the internet opened up a whole new world, and one of the greatest phenomenon’s that is well and truly here to stay is that of the online dating sites. Straight, gay, bi, you name it there is a dating site to suit your persuasion.

By using dating sites to find prospective partners, you are effectively eliminating a lot of the chance factor that is involved in finding someone new. Everyone who is single will tell you that at sometime or another somebody has caught their eye who they have been attracted to, only for them then to be joined by their partner, or they are wearing a wedding ring.

If you have been single a while, everyone will feel it is their right to offer you relationship advice, when in fact it is nobody’s business but your own. There are still those blinkered few who treat dating sites with derision, when the fact is that bespoke sites such as Parship UK have an excellent rate of successful matches, so why waste time trying to catch the eye of someone that you hope is also single?

After you meet somebody, by whatever method, the first date is a massive step, especially for those who have been out of the game for a long time. One of the most popular venues for a first date is a restaurant, as this affords you the privacy to make conversation without shouting to be heard over the deafening music that you get in most bars.

While this may seem simple, there are, of course, restaurants that you should avoid. It goes without saying that a fast food joint is out of order, that’s the kind of place you pop in for a burger on the spur of the moment, and a burger and fries is not the food that great dates are made of. Neither should you go to one of those intimate little bistro which is all couples holding hands over the table, that is too much too soon.

Restaurants that are attached to nice pubs are a good bet, as the food is generally of a good standard, and you can relax in the lounge with a few drinks after your meal.