How to enjoy traditional British grub

The British Isles really has a wealth of incredible food options from all four quarters, with a wonderfully varied range of flavours and ingredients on offer that often seem to get overlooked. Traditional British food and produce has recently undergone something of a renaissance in terms of popularity and has found the recognition it deserves.

fresh fish n chips by Fiona Wilkinson
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One of the first things that springs to mind when most people think about British meals is the age-old classic of fish and chips. Tourists coming to Britain are always keen to sample this traditional delight and fish and chip shops continue to do excellent business all around the country. Often served with mushy peas, fish and chips is a stock meal of any high street and can be easily replicated at home. As a twist on the traditional lemon garnish that’s often served to squeeze over the fish batter, a tall glass of traditional lemonade might be the perfect British fizzy treat to go with your meal.

Other firm favourites include toad in the hole, Lancashire hot pot, steak and kidney pie and scotch eggs, all of which are very easy to make at home and often fall into the “comfort food” category, thanks to their hearty nature, quick cooking times and high-calorie content, which can be great as an occasional pick me up. A traditional English breakfast is also a great way to start the day, usually including sausages, bacon, beans, hash browns and fried tomatoes. Heading north to Scotland you’ll usually find the added bonuses of potato scones, haggis and black pudding, making for a very filling breakfast treat.

In terms of desert, you can’t get very much more British than a knickerbocker glory. Delightful to say and delightful to eat, the knickerbocker glory brings together ice cream, jelly and fruit and is topped with any combination of cream, syrup, wafers, nuts and often a cherry, all served together in a tall glass, with a long spoon. Perfect for sharing or having a pig out!

Despite being maligned in the past, British cuisine really does offer some gems, whether you’re visiting the country, living in the country or just looking to re-create some dishes at home.