Getting involved in food!

What could be more essential to life than food and drink? Eating and drinking are done out of necessity and for fun. They are social activities; a great way to meet new people and forge new relationships is to bond over dinner or wine at one of the country’s thousands of eating and drinking establishments.

Cooking and creating dishes is also becoming much more than a necessity to sustain oneself. It has become not only a popular leisure activity but an art. Look around at the multitude of cooking programmes and features dedicated to cooking in magazines and you’ll be under no illusion that fine dining has become far more popular in the recent years.

The Phenomenon of the ‘Foodie’

This term, coined in the early eighties by Paul Levy and Ann Barr, creators of The Official Foodie Handbook, is used to denote a particular class of aficionado of food and drink. A term widely circulated now, it came to be a useful term to differentiate from the word gourmet. Gourmet is understood to refer to refined tastes, a higher class of eating and drinking. Foodie is a more democratic term, applicable to anyone who has an interest in or penchant for food and drink.

Get Involved

It is hard not to want to get involved with the recent trend in becoming a foodie. It is a great way to enjoy your time and does not have to be an expensive pastime. This may be part of the reason for its recent surge in popularity as people are unable to spend as much money as they could previously on leisure activities but are still after variety and excitement which can be found in turning day to day activities into a hobby.

A great way to begin your culinary adventure is to find out more about the local cuisine where you live. Sourcing locally grown ingredients not only binds you more closely with your local area and community, it is also a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way of shopping, not to mention the health benefits of fresh foods that have been picked recently and are preservative free. You will also be helping local businesses stay afloat, making you part of the resistance against the ever encroaching supermarkets that constantly threaten to put independent greengrocers and butchers out of business.

Think Business

If you are interested in food and drink, not only can you help local businesses by shopping as above, you can also become directly involved. Demand for catering services that source their goods from, and are run by local people, is growing as aversion to big chains continues to gain support.

There are plenty of catering supplies which are ideal for both domestic and industrial use and this could be a great way to make money whilst supporting your local area and business community.