Everything you ever wanted to know about hampers

When we think of a hamper, an image that may pop into our minds is one of a wicker basket full of all kinds of special food and drink that may have traditionally been passed to friends and family at Christmas time.

However, there’s much more to the story of the humble hamper than meets the eye. They can be dated back to over 1000 years where they were used to carry treats in parts of France, until the use of them spread to other countries including England. At later times they were used as lunch boxes to keep food safe and relatively cool on long journeys across the countryside.

With the Victorians and the rate of change that the Industrial Revolution brought, good that were often too perishable to be transported to friends and relatives s gifts, suddenly became a fantastic opportunity for a gift with a difference. It also became traditional for employers to thank their hard working employees with a hamper full of goodies for all the family during the festive season.

The idea of giving a hamper as a gift has never really gone away and with modern ideas and the ability to target what might be niche markets for specialist hampers over the internet, hampers can be found for all occasions.

To name but a few hampers can be purchased for weddings, birthdays, mothers and fathers days, christening and just about any other occasion. In addition to occasions, hampers are made to reflect regional differences around the world. For example you may find a German hamper with a variety of specialist sausages in it and locally brewed lager. Themes also play a part in the range of hampers on offer with beer hampers, cheese and wine hampers, salmon hampers and party hampers.

Wherever you live in the world the chances are that with a quick search you’ll be able to find an online hamper company that can delivery to your locality quickly and cost effectively, and there’s no doubt that giving your loved ones a surprise hamper to celebrate a birth in the family, or to treat your spouse on valentine’s day, that the variety of weird and wonderful types of hampers will be a welcome, different and much appreciated gift.

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