Celebrating A World Of Food At Christmas

The traditional Christmas dinner dominates the festive season with everyone rushing to prepare the turkey, get the stuffing, smother the potatoes in duck fat and decide on the perfect dessert. Yet, there is a whole world of food available.

If you are looking for a few extra dishes to spice up the dinner table and add an international flavour to your Christmas dinner it is always worth looking at different recipes to wow your guests and make the day memorable – but what are your options?

Spicy Accompaniments

Spicy potatoes can make a great addition to your main meal and help add a delicious accompaniment to the turkey. Spring rolls can be a tasty starter and there are lot of Chinese recipes which are perfect side dishes for the main meal.

Boxing Day Buffet

As well as adding an international touch to your Christmas dinner, when Boxing Day comes around it can be difficult to know what to serve guests. Often nibbles on Boxing Day can be a welcome sight after the large amount of food and chocolate that may have been consumed the previous day.

Why not prepare a selection of spicy chicken samosas, pakoras and onion bhajis to tickle the tastebuds? Make a large lasagne and allow it to cool a little before cutting it into bite size pieces for all the family to eat with slices of delicious garlic bread.

There is also a selection of delicious Greek recipes and Italian dishes to please any palate and Chinese recipes can really add a splash of flavour to any Boxing Day buffet table.

Know Your Cuisine

There is a whole world of wonderful food and what better time to celebrate the variety than during the festive season? By researching foods around the world, you can bring together a range of flavours and create some truly amazing meals. You don’t have to worry about learning complicated cooking techniques either – most world foods are simple to prepare and companies such as Schwartz provide a range of pre-packaged spice mixes which make enhancing the flavour of your dish even easier.

As well as main meals, there are many starters and desserts that can bring a touch of panache to Christmas. For a Christmas morning treat, why not wake up to sumptuous French pastries or prepare a French dessert for Boxing Day? If you were feeling particularly daring you could always construct the famous croquembouche to sit on the dessert table and impress your guests.

With so many great ideas from all around the world, Christmas can be filled with flavour as well as happiness and joy. As well as having some tasty treats to present to guests on the big day, you can learn about the food traditions from all corners of the globe and perhaps surprise your family with your creativity and imagination in food – what could be better?